About Us

Juan Carlos Saldana Masseuse


Welcome to  Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica!

We create this massage studio & Spa to enrich your experience,  make you feel more flexible and light , put yourself in a deep state of calm and be more connected with life.


Why us..

Our unique recipe mix special attention in details like use of cold press coconut oil locally made,  natural essential oils therapeutic for tradition, hand picked music selection, soft sheets, AC  and  a dedicated therapeutic touch always effective, always personalized.

Spacio spa, Juan Carlos Saldana

We can just said : Thanks for choice us!

Our reputation is in our hands.

Useful info

Get the best of your session!

A few years ago, a good friend told me:

 -Juan Carlos, you  train to give massages but we don't to receive it!..-

 My recommendation to my friend and to you :

1.Be at the spa 5 to 10 minutes before to your appointment and take this time just for you.

2. Turn off your phone or leave it, remove hearings, jewelry , watch.

3.Make sure you feel comfortable, rinse  to remove the sand or refresh, 

check if the room temperature is ok for you, leave the clothing or take it off to  feel comfortable, find a cozy posture on the table.

4. Provide us all the info you consider important. Injuries, the work you do,  how much you love foot massage etc.

5. Please remove bug spray, perfume, sunblock,  makeup  or deodorant before your session if is posible.

You don't  need to rinse after  your massage! coconut oil is one of the best products for your skin!.

6. Be open to receive the powerful heal of  massage.

Before pharmaceutical industry, for thousands of years  we give and receive massage as pain killers and much more.

Your mind will be sharp and clear, your body will feel lighter, your internal organs will be revitalized !.

7. Share with us during the session any adjustment in pressure, or in room temperature etc, if you need it.

8.After session its a great moment for your body to help it to do positive changes and detox, get nature, get water, get positive company, be your best version. 

 We choose simple natural healing and we are glad you choose it to.

Now, just enjoy it. 

We are here to honor your presence.

Thank so much!!

Juan Carlos Saldaña.